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Cromat: AGV manufacturers sell more than just cars!

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Transformation and upgrading are sensitive topics that are painful and happy for all walks of life, learning new knowledge, crossing the river by feeling the stones, and finding the new continent with courage and wisdom ... For manufacturers, the pace of intelligent transformation has never stopped.


Cromat: AGV manufacturers sell more than just cars!(图1)

Regarding the intelligent manufacturing industry, the current development trend of China's intelligent logistics equipment is obvious. We can see the latest technology and bright products of intelligent logistics in various industry activities and exhibitions. Intelligent equipment has gradually become the first productivity and industry. A microcosm of the trend, and the AGV car is particularly dazzling in it.



With the advancement of technology and rising labor costs, unmanned operations have become a trend. More and more AGV manufacturers are planning "unmanned factories".

AGV has three main advantages: cost savings, stable work, and safety. It has been widely used in various fields such as automobiles, tobacco, medicine, and food. Not only that, with the continuous upgrading of technology and the maturity of applications, AGV will also gain more room for development.


As a high-tech enterprise AGV manufacturer that has cultivated AGV for many years, Coromat has collected the biggest question from manufacturers' customers: How do we choose a high-quality AGV supplier?

Xiaoke made a simple summary of this, and should consider four major indicators: plan, research and development, production, and after-sales.


First of all, we need to understand whether this supplier has a comprehensive and scenario-specific AGV customized personalized solution, and whether it can display advanced and diverse AGV products according to the needs of its own workshop application scenarios, so as to help itself complete easy to implement and safe Smart manufacturing needs with high efficiency and short return on investment.

Secondly, we have to observe whether this supplier has a professional cutting-edge technology research and development team, whether it can provide a complete central control system, and rigorously help itself to achieve seamless docking between cars, cars and people, cargo and Efficient circulation between sites.


Cromat: AGV manufacturers sell more than just cars!(图2)

It is very important to evaluate whether the supplier can meet the intelligent coordination needs of actual production, such as improving the accuracy and production efficiency of product processing on the production floor, and shortening the product manufacturing cycle. In addition, we must pay attention to the production process. , Does it have a full set of maintenance manuals and training materials, and is supported by relevant AGV robot operation training, aimed at field equipment managers, electrical maintenance engineers, mechanical maintenance engineers, operators, etc., to help their production personnel properly handle various emergency failures, Ensure the safety of operators and equipment.


Finally, it is also indispensable whether the supplier can provide complete after-sale support, provide hot-line telephone service during the warranty period, and provide system technology in the event of a warranty failure in a timely manner after receiving user notification. Support, by telephone, remote help, or sending technicians to the user site to ensure the smooth progress of their own production.

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