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The natural enemy of logistics porters is Double Eleven? Do not! It is AGV trolley!

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In recent years, with the increase in labor costs and workload, various industries have begun to use intelligent logistics equipment instead of labor in order to reduce costs and improve overall efficiency.


Intelligent logistics warehousing robots have entered the domestic e-commerce giants, sharing the work of handling, sorting, replenishment, returns, and inventory. These robots can not only make the logistics link simpler, reduce the occurrence of wrong orders, but also significantly improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs.

The natural enemy of logistics porters is Double Eleven? Do not! It is AGV trolley!(图1)


From the work form, AGV can be divided into: forklift type, traction type, forward-moving type, counterweight type, heavy-duty forklift type, back camel type, combined type and so on. In traditional warehouses and factories, cargo handling always consumes a lot of manpower and resources, and even frequently makes mistakes.


Automation, intelligence, flexibility, security


These keywords have become the focus of demand in traditional handling work, and the AGV system is solving these problems one by one!



For example, when auxiliary materials are needed in a certain part of the workshop, the staff inputs relevant information to the computer terminal, and the computer terminal sends the information to the AGV central control system. The system sends control instructions to the AGV. The AGV accepts and executes the automatic transportation of the auxiliary materials to the corresponding location. .


The AGV trolley can be flexibly integrated with various production lines, assembly lines, conveyor lines, platforms, shelves, and operating points. Realize the shortest logistics turnover cycle, reduce the turnover consumption of materials, and realize the flexible connection of incoming materials and processing, logistics and production, finished products and sales.


AGV charging is also automatic. When the battery of the AGV is too low or relatively idle, it will send a request command to the system. After the system allows it, AGV will queue up for charging by itself.


In terms of safety, AGV has relatively complete safety protection capabilities, intelligent traffic management, including collision avoidance, multi-level warning, emergency braking, and fault reporting.


Then returning to AGV will take away the porter's rice bowl, and whether the entire intelligent process will seriously affect employment. The increase or decrease in employment has always been related to changes in job content and technology upgrades. At the same time, human monitoring and maintenance of these technologies are also essential. The intelligent process indirectly motivates people to learn to improve their skills and professional standards. Creativity, empathy, and judgment still depend on humans.

The natural enemy of logistics porters is Double Eleven? Do not! It is AGV trolley!(图2) 

What we should do is not just anxiety and doubt, but more importantly, we must keep pace with the times, take the initiative to progress, and innovate independently. Professional products and services, we are willing to work with you to grow and create the future together!

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