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"Technology Leads the Future" -Kromart debuts at Kunshan International Logistics Technology Exhibiti

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Recently, the three-day China Kunshan International Logistics Technology Expo 2019 was held at the Kunshan International Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 388 Qianjin East Road, Kunshan City). Coromat Automation Technology brought its heavy AGV products to the exhibition.


"Technology Leads the Future" -Kromart debuts at Kunshan International Logistics Technology Exhibiti(图1)

The theme of this exhibition is "Technology Leads the Future-Smart World". Under the background of the country's "Belt and Road" initiative and "Made in China 2025" strategy, relying on Suzhou and Kunshan City in integrated logistics, smart logistics, intelligent Locations and industrial advantages in manufacturing, new materials, high-end transportation equipment, and other new situations and trends facing the development of the industry, promote "Internet +" efficient development, and promote economic development to improve quality and efficiency and transform and upgrade.


In recent years, more and more manufacturing companies have begun to gradually transition from mechanization to automation, flexibility, and intelligence, and have begun to build intelligent logistics systems and intelligent supply chains.


As a supplier of intelligent robotic AGVs, how should we paint a blueprint for intelligent logistics in the future?


1. Improve work efficiency and save labor cost.

From unloading, warehousing, storage to parts delivery and on-line, transshipment, including finished product delivery, storage, and project quality inspections, all can be done through robots, and factories and workers can focus on providing high value-added labor.


Second, the integrated application of hardware and information data.

Data collection and management are performed through equipment robots and task management platforms in different scenarios. At the same time, it can flexibly interface with existing ERP, WMS, MES and other systems.


Third, the deployment is completed in a short time.

Imagine that in an intelligent factory covered by a 5G network in the future, an object failure is reported to the robot with the highest priority "zero" delay. Generally, the robot can complete the repair work without human intervention based on the empirical database of autonomous learning; in another case, the robot must determine the fault to be repaired by humans.

More and more mature new technologies have become the key enabling technologies to support the transformation of intelligent manufacturing. They can connect widely distributed and scattered people, machines and equipment, and build a unified Internet network. The more chaotic application state of technology has positive significance for promoting the deepening transformation of intelligent manufacturing. Let us wait and see.


Coromat-heavy AGV expert solves the pain points for users and restores the essential value of AGV.

Based on the quality of foreign technology, Coromat has become a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province after years of development and practical accumulation. It has invested heavily in building a technology research and development team, with 22 national patents and 1 software copyright.

We firmly believe that AGV is not only a car, but also the strongest brain in the field of intelligent manufacturing, giving the industry endless innovation power!

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