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CROMAT robot-"Smart Fight" epidemic, we can, Wuhan can, China can!

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CROMAT robot-"Smart Fight" epidemic, we can, Wuhan can, China can!(图1)

In the current special situation, robots have become an important force in epidemic prevention and control:

The Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital introduced an unmanned robot that can automatically open and close doors, take elevators, avoid obstacles, and charge batteries. It can perform medicine delivery, food delivery, clothing and medical waste recovery in the hospital; it is the first in Hangzhou People's Hospital, the robot starts from the viral clean area carrying meals or supplies, and automatically goes to each quarantine room for distribution, blocking the "human-to-human" new coronavirus infection chain ...

CROMAT robot-"Smart Fight" epidemic, we can, Wuhan can, China can!(图2)


The country is in trouble, and the husband is responsible. In response to the national government ’s call for epidemic prevention and control, Coromat has been independently developed by the automation team and officially launched a combination of professional explosion-proof functions (safety protection for flammable and explosive applications). New types of equipment such as smart garbage disposal vehicles, disinfection robots, temperature measurement robots, and mask wearing detection robots.


At present, fever clinics, designated hospitals and suspected case hospitals will inevitably produce countless medical wastes that may carry viruses every day. In the process of collecting and processing these harmful wastes, the fewer people involved, the better. especially important! You know, if you don't handle it properly, the risks will be immense.


CROMAT robot-"Smart Fight" epidemic, we can, Wuhan can, China can!(图3)

In response to this problem, the CROMAT explosion-proof intelligent waste logistics truck is used to deal with the scattered waste logistics generated daily in the ward, avoiding personnel contact, which can greatly reduce the risk of infection during the treatment of medical waste, and it can also be used in the future. Improve the efficiency of hospital material transportation, liberate the hands of medical staff, and transfer more artificial value from the field of transportation to the field of diagnosis and care.

CROMAT robot-"Smart Fight" epidemic, we can, Wuhan can, China can!(图4)


Production must be safe, and safety promotes production. At present, explosion-proof AGV is widely used in hazardous areas such as petrochemicals, and its safety is the focus of attention in various fields. It must meet the relevant standards of explosion-proof technical requirements, which makes its application in the medical field more rigorous and stable.


CROMAT robot-"Smart Fight" epidemic, we can, Wuhan can, China can!(图5)

The disinfection of urban streets is usually completed by large-scale cleaning trucks and multi-purpose dust suppression vehicles. However, for vegetable markets, squares, shopping malls, residential communities, alleys and other areas, large-scale cleaning equipment cannot be accessed and can only rely on manual operations. There is a risk of epidemic infection in these areas.

In order to solve this public problem, Coromant will iterate the technology of the watering robot used in the infrastructure industry, which can evenly spray disinfectant remotely, reduce the possibility of virus transmission through aerosols, and help prevent and control the epidemic.

CROMAT robot-"Smart Fight" epidemic, we can, Wuhan can, China can!(图6)


The new spraying disinfection robot efficiently replaces manual operations, reduces cross infection caused by direct contact of sanitation personnel, and can be used for garbage areas, roadside corners, bus stop signs, roadside seats, communities, squares, alleys, underground garages, schools , Site, guardrail, flower bed, etc. spray disinfectant.


In addition, Coromat also introduced autonomous navigation UV and electrostatic spray disinfection robots to meet the space disinfection needs in a variety of indoor and outdoor scenarios.


CROMAT robot-"Smart Fight" epidemic, we can, Wuhan can, China can!(图7)

Measure multiple body temperature at the same time, and remind pedestrians to wear masks

In confined spaces, the possibility of cross-infection of viruses will increase. The new type of intelligent temperature-measuring mask detection robot can alleviate the problem of fewer manpower and shortage of materials during the epidemic, and work 24 hours a day to avoid cross-infection and ensure personnel safety.


CROMAT robot-"Smart Fight" epidemic, we can, Wuhan can, China can!(图8)

The sun is always rain and wind, and every crisis is accompanied by opportunities! The expansion of the application field of AGV is worth looking forward to. In addition to the previous use in logistics and workshops, in the future in the fields of medical care, distribution, and public utilities, we are ready to respond to more advanced needs!

The epidemic made us more friendly, united and tough! The more critical the epidemic prevention and control is, the more we must maintain our will, in response to the national call, prevention and control and the economy go in the same direction, and jointly provide a strong guarantee for winning the battle against epidemic prevention and control!

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